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The earliest mention of the Dipper family is around 1580 when John Dipper married Ann Pope at The Leigh, Gloucestershire. It appears that he was in possession of land at Tirley and Boddington. John Dipper is my direct ancestor.

Some of the land bequesthed at The Barrow, Boddington was to his son Samuel.

They remained as farmers and land owners in the Deerhurst & Tirley area until c1920

The big question for me is 'how did they get the lands in the first place?'

At that time ownership of lands would have been through inheritance or earned through service to the crown.

A Theory of the Origin of my Species

Being able to trace the family line as far back as John Dipper who lived in the area around the Deerhurst Hundred and being able to have copies of his will of 1611 I would like to know where they came from and how did they get so much land. In an effort to do this I have researched a possible link.


it is purely a theory but it may weel be that a John de Bures is the answer.


Phonetically similar it may not be a coincidence thatn Joh de Bures was Lord of the Manoe of Boddington, courtesy of his marriage to Hawise de Musgrove, and that John Dipper bequeathed land at Boddington to his son Samuel.


The first known mention of Boddington is when it came into the possession of the Musgrove family as follows;


HAWISE (Alice) MALET, was the widow of HUGH POYNTZ, Knt., of Tockington, Gloucestershire, (son and heir apparent of Nicholas Poyntz, of Tockington, Gloucestershire, by his 1st wife, Juliane, daughter of Hugh Bardolf,)


Hawise then married before 11 Feb. 1220/1 (as his second wife) ROBERT DE MUSCEGROS (or MUCEGROS, MUSGROVE), Knt. Of Brewham, Charlton Musgrove, and Norton Somerset, and Boddington and Kemerton, Gloucestershire, and, in right of his wife, of Great Finborough, Suffolk and Fisherton de la Mare, Wiltshire. Steard of Queen Eleanor of Provence, son and heir of Richard de Muscegros, Knt., of Brewham, Somerset and Deerhurst, Gloucestershire. They had one son, John, Knt., born 10 August 1232, and two daughters, Mabel and ______. He had previously been married and had one son, Richard, living in 1221.


In 1233-4 Robert and his wife Hawise, and her sister and brother-in-law, Mabel and Hugh de Vivione, sued Edmund de Tuddenham regarding land in Limington, Somerset.


In 1237 he was granted free warren in his demesne land in Boddington, Gloucestershire. He fought in Gascony in 1242. In 1248 the king ganted him the cantred of Tradree in county Clare in Ireland, he being allowed to fortify a castle there and also to have a market. He subsequently built the first castle at Bunratty, county Clare.


In 1252 he was granted the manor of Stowell, Somerset by his step-son, Nicholas Poyntz. At some unknown date, he granted a messuage in Marlborough, Wiltshire to Richard the Clark. Sir Robert de Muscegros died shortly before 29 Jan 1253/4. His widow, Hawise, was Living 4 May 1287.


John de Muscegros, Knt., of Norton, Burnham, Charlton Musgrove, Stowell, Somerset, Boddington and Kemerton, Gloucestershire, etc., and, in right of his wife, of Bicknor, Longford and Taynton, Gloucestershire, Sheriff of Devonshire, 1261-4, son and heir by his father’s 2nd marriage,.


He married Cecily Avenil, (daughter and heiress of William Avenel, Knt., of Bicknor, Taynton, and Longford, Gloucestershire, by his wife Aline). They had one son, Robert, Knt. He fought in Gascony in 1254 and supported the king in his quarrel with the Barons as late as 24 Sept. 1264. He afterwards joined the rebels and was made by them Constable of Salisbury Castle 19 Dec 1264. He was appointed Joint Captain and Keeper of the Peace in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire in 1266. In 1270, at the request of Edward The king’ son, he was pardoned all his debts where he was bound at the Exchequer or elsewhere. He was granted protection in 1271, he then going to Ireland on business of Edward the king’s son. In 1271 he and the Abbot of Tintern were appointed to Assess the tallage in the town of Bristol. In 1772 he was granted power to admit into the peace of the king and Edward the king’s son such Irishmen who wished to come into it. He was Constable of Bristol before 27 Feb 1274. Sir John de Muscegros died shortly before 8 May 1275. His widow, Cecil, died shortly before 10 Aug 1301


Robert de Muscegros, Knt., of Charlton Musgrove, Norton and Stowell, Somerset, Boddington and Kemerton, Gloucestershire, Great Finborough, Suffolk, etc. Constable of Bristol Castle, son and heir, born about 1252 (age 23 in 1275). He fought in Wales in 1272 and 1277. He had livery of his father’s lands 4 June 12275. He married 1st before 1276 an unidentified wife, ______.

They had one daughter, Hawise.


In Oct. 1275 Robert handed over his castle in Bunratty in Ireland to the king, on condition that as soon as the contention between the king and his subjects in Ireland is settled, and the said Robert has paid all expenses for its repair, munition, pkeep, and custody while in the king’s hand, it shall be restored to him or his heirs.


In 1276-7 John Herreward arraigned an assize of novel disseisin against him and others touching a tenement in Thatvham, Berkshire. In July 1276 Thomas de Clare granted him the manors of Aldworth, Compton, and Hampstead Norris, Berkshire, Alvescot, Oxfordshire and Cottesmore, Rutland, in exchange for Bunratty Castle, Tradee cantred, and Ui-Corbmaig, all in county Clare, in Ireland.


He married his second wife, Agnes de Ferrers, Daughter of William de Ferrers, Knt., (5th Earl of Derby, by his 2nd wife, Margaret (or Margery), daughter and co heiress of Roger de Quincy, Knt., 2nd Earl of Winchester, heredity Constable of Scotland).


Her maritagium included the manor of Chinnor, Oxfordshire. They had no issue. In 1278-9 John Bochenel arraigned an assize of novel disseisin against him and Thomas de Clare regarding common of pasture in Hampstead Cyfrevast, Berkshire. Sometime before 1279, he and Sir Robert de Tibetot witnessed a charter of Pain de Chawarth to Godstown Abbey, Oxford shire. Sir Robert de Muscegros died 27 Dec 1280.


His widow Agnes, had dower assigned to her 9 May 1281. In her widowhood, Agnes issued a charter naming her husband Robert de Muscegros and her grandfather, Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. Sometime before Oct 1283, Richard de Bois, custodian of Corfe Castle, Dorset bought the land late of Robert de Muscgros at Gotowre super Mare (Studland) and in the nearby warren of Corfe Dorset for the king’s use. Agnes had license to remarry for a fine of 200 marks 17 April 1287. She died without issue before 1297


Hawise de Musgrove, daughter of Robert de Musgrove and unknown first wife, first married Richard de Mortimer who died 30th June 1297. She was the married to John de Ferrers c1297, He died 27 AUg. 1312 in Gascony, Hawise then married John de Bures, Knt. before 1315. Hawise was known as Lady of Boddington. John de Bures and Hawise had a daughter, Catherine.


John de Bures is shown in several instances in the 1327 Gloucestershire Subsidy records at 'Vill De Bykenore' (English Bicknore), 'Tweninge' (Twining), 'Longforde' (Longford), 'Magna Teynton' (Taynton), 'Botynton' Boddington.


Where John de Bures came from is not clear but there is a strong suggestion that he was closely related to Robert de Bures of Bures st Mary, Sufflok.




John de Bures died 1350

Manors of Haw and Tirley date back to

Although I can trace my family line back to c 1570 to John Dipper of Tirley, who bequesthed land at Boddington to his son Samuel, I have been unable to go back further. However research has shown that in 1300's land at Boddington was owned by a John de Bures and also his wife Alice, Lady of Boddington. They also had other manors nearby.


Sir John de Bures was probably a son of Robert de Bures of


Alice (Hawise) was the daughter of Robert de Musgrove, Knight, of Charlton Musgrove, Norton and Stowell, Somersetshire, Boddington and Kemerton, Gloucestershire, Great Finborough, Suffolk etc. He was Constable of Bristol Castle,


A search of the Gloucestershire Subsidy Record of 1327 for anyone called Dipper, or any phonetically similar name, shows:-

in the Hundredum De Westbury, at Vill de Bykenore (English Bicknor) Johe de Bures

at Tweninge (Twining) Johne Dober

in the Hundred De Duddeston at Longforde (Longford) Johne de Bures

In the Hundredum De Bottelow at Magna Teynton (teynton) Johne de Bures

at Botynton (Boddington) both Alie. de Botynton and John de Bures

at Kemerton

In the Hundredum De Teukesbury at Motheroke Willo Dober

at Pars De Botynnton, Johne De Bures



Kemerton; In 1190 John de Bonville held 2 knight's fees in Kemerton, presumably the whole of Girard's former estate, but by the early 13th century the manor seems to have been divided between two branches of the Fécamp family. One part, described as half the manor and 1 knight's fee, was held by Nicholas de Fécamp. (fn. 75) It passed to the Crown by reason of the escheat of the Normans, and in 1240 was granted to Robert de Mucegros, lord of Boddington, who in 1235 had held the land at farm from Nicholas de Fécamp, and later from the Crown during the minority of Nicholas's heirs. Robert died in 1254 and his half of the manor passed to his son, John (d. c. 1275), and then to John's son, Robert who died in 1280, leaving as his heir a daughter Hawise aged 4 years. Hawise married three times: first William de Mortimer (d. c. 1297), then John de Ferrers, who held the fee in 1303, and thirdly, before 1316, John de Bures. Hawise's inheritance was later disputed between the children of her second and third marriages, and although John de Bures (d. 1350) was recorded as holding the Mucegros half of Kemerton manor, the fact that in 1346 John de Ferrers, grandson of Hawise and her second husband, was given as the holder of the fee suggests that the title was even then in dispute. In 1357 an agreement was reached by which the Mucegros manors were divided between the two families, Kemerton being confirmed to the daughter and son-in-law of Hawise and John de Bures, Katherine and Giles Beauchamp (d. 1361), son of Walter Beauchamp of Powicke.{"components":[{"id":"7AD76CA2-FEC0-470B-A746-2B595616E2CE","type":"","width":970,"height":80,"mobileDown":false,"bbox":{"top":2485,"right":970,"bottom":2565,"left":0},"relTo":{"id":"63D1437B-0BA5-4F27-B25A-D83719A1B543","below":46},"wrap":false,"stretch":false,"orderIndex":30,"text":"","styles":[],"links":[],"paras":[],"cells":[]}],"styles":{},"stylesheetId":"DA3A491D-73FE-4C40-A4C1-7906EB8955F0"}

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